Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty


Mother Goose has insured the smooth running of Nursery rhyme land for years. The king's on his throne, everyone's happy and Humpty Dumpty is still in his egg on the palace wall. Then he has a great fall and mayhem is unleashed. Grimm, repulsive henchman to a wicked sorcerer, is sent in search of victims for his master's transformation machine and Florimund's right hand men are no match for him. Lovable, naive humpty loses his magic at the critical time and unwittingly brings about the collapse of Nursery rhyme Land. But all is not lost: the evil ones get their come uppance and the good their partners-- and Humpty has his magical powers restored.


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  • Genre: Christmas/Holiday, Fables/Folktales
  • Time Period: Not Applicable
  • Cast Attributes: Flexible casting
  • Target Audience: Appropriate for all audiences


Norman Robbins

Norman Robbins, one of Amateur Theatre's most popular authors, wrote his first stage show almost 60 years ago whilst working for the Yorkshire Evening Post. An avid theatregoer from the age of three (his grandparents ran the pub near the local theatre so free tickets were al ...

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