Hand Over Fist

Full-Length Play, Drama  /  2w, 5m

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    Cast Size
    2w, 5m



Set in the financially heady days of the 1980's Angus returns home to convalesce after a heart attack brought on, wife Connie believes, by City job stress but he finds a less than peaceful household awaiting him. Sid and Gary, the builders, are endeavouring to finish the kitchen extension, son Philip is permanently on the phone dealing shares and sniffing coke, and Angus' inept brother Roger and long-suffering wife Gwen, keep turning up with their never-ending financial problems. For Angus, going back to work suddenly seems a better way to re-couperate, much to Connie's frustration whose valiant attempts to get him to relax make Angus even more stressed. This sharply observed study of contemporary mores has enjoyed a number of successful productions in the UK and abroad. Unusually, the author offers an alternative lighter ending for companies finding the original ending too dark." 

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Richard Everett

Richard Everett is an actor, playwright and screenwriter. He is the author of 7 published stage plays including the much-acclaimed “Entertaining Angels” which has had over 100 productions worldwide. He has 200 animation scripts to his credit as well as 2 feature films, 3 play ...
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