Robin Hood (Wood/Arthur)

David Wood, Dave Arthur, Toni Arthur

A series of playlets that tell the various well-known tales of Robin Hood. The possibilities for presenting the play are numerous - open stage, promenade, open air as well as on a proscenium stage.

Robin Hood (Wood/Arthur)



Not so long ago it was traditional in England for May Day to be celebrated on the village green with organised May Games. It is a re-creation of these May Games which provides the framework for this musical version of the Robin Hood legend.

We join a group of villagers celebrating May Day with a variety of pastimes – singing, dancing, acrobatics and competitive sports. Against this background are set a number of playlets in which the villagers take on Robin Hood roles to tell the various well-known tales of Robin Hood, including "Robin Hood and Friar
Tuck," "Robin Hood and Little John" and "Robin Hood and Allen-a-Dale."

First produced at Nottingham Playhouse in 1981


“… deserves to become a Christmas institution alongside shows like Toad of Toad Hall and Peter Pan … with a joyous burst of electrified folk music, the May Games get under way and from then on the pace is unrelenting, with country dances, traditional tunes and infectious singing interspersed with the villagers’ performances of the Robin Hood legends.”
The Standard

“… puts the folk hero where he truly belongs : in the context of the village green fertility celebrations that were performed around the maypole. From the outset, we are surrounded by the spirit, the rhyme and the rhythm of medieval England ... the energy, warmth and uplift that it generates must surely make it the most joyous show around.”
The Daily Telegraph

“… a joyous and solemn event, and a charmer of a show, whose high spirits will raise yours. Kids will love it, and you won’t have to make any parental sacrifices to enjoy yourself hugely.”
The Edmonton Journal


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  • Minimum Fee: £70 per performance plus VAT when applicable.


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