The See-Saw Tree

An ancient oak stands on property earmarked for development into a children's playground. A public meeting is held to discuss cutting down the three hundred year old tree. Members of the council are then seen inside the tree in their equivalent animal forms to show how this will affect the inhabitan…


The See-Saw Tree looks at an important environmental issue in an entertaining but thought-provoking way. The See-Saw Tree, an ancient oak, stands on ground which is ear-marked for development into a children’s playground by Mr. Jay, owner of the nearby supermarket. A public meeting is called in the village hall to discuss his proposals, which include cutting down the three-hundred-year-old oak tree. The audience votes in favor, but Mr. Bunn, an environmental activist protests and shows us the devastating effect such plans will have on the inhabitants of the tree – the main part of the play tells the story of these creatures (who can be played by their human equivalents), their panic, their resilience and their evacuation from the tree. In the end, the audience is asked to vote whether the See-Saw Tree should be saved or not. 


“The rapt silence of the audience was evidence of the impact the play made … provides an invaluable guideline to the young about the importance of the environment.” - The Stage

"The kids were riveted [and] the verdict afterwards was unanimous. Wonderful" - The Guardian

"No-one knows more about the needs of children's theatre than gifted playwright-composer David Wood..." - Evening Telegraph

"The See-Saw Tree is a brilliantly inventive, often amusing and sometimes even harrowing work" - Farnham Post

"Wonderful for children and exciting theatre for the adults..." - Farnham Herald

"...a play which is entertaining, educational and miraculously worthy without being heavy" - Western Daily Press


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