No One In The World

Full Length Musical, Comedy

Charles Miller, Kevin Hammonds, Steven Dexter

Music by Miller, Charles / Book and Lyrics by Kevin Hammonds / Conceived By Kevin Hammonds and Steven Dexter

A group of young people arrive in New York City to seek their fame and fortune on Broadway.
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No One In The World



Fifteen director chairs are lined across the stage. On one chair the letters clearly read STAR, but other chairs don't have such positive outcomes written on them: PORN STAR,CHORUS, HOUSEWIFE, ACCOUNTANT, NUN, etc.

A group of young people arrive in New York City to seek their fame and fortune on Broadway. Full of hopes and dreams they start their journey on the bumpy road to stardom, knowing what the audience knows as well: there is a director's chair for each of them.

One by one they must accept their fates and take the chair that belongs to them.This touching, hilarious and at times gritty show follows them on their paths to success or failure, and the many places in between.

Cast Attributes
  • Strong Role for Leading Man (Star Vehicle)
  • Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle)
Performing Groups
  • High School/Secondary
  • College Theatre / Student
  • Community Theatre
  • Professional Theatre

ZOE: Young, pretty, innocent. Contemporary voice required.

LARA: Strong and independent woman who owes everything she has to hard work. Strong belt required.

ROZ: Self confident and brassy. Classic 'Broadway' voice with strongbelt required.

GAYLA: Mature beyond her years, becomes a legit star on Broadway. Strong-willed. Excellent voice required (contemporary).

SARAH: Comedy character with strong 'personality' voice, angry, dirty, rebellious and suspicious of all those around her.

LEEZA: Eccentric performance artist with one-woman show. Blues/Jazz voice.

APRIL: Pretty, wide eyed, and optimistic to a fault. Strong belt with high soprano notes.

ADRIENNE: Elegant, sophisticated, from rich background. Mature voice with strong mix.

NATALIE: A spoiled rich girl. Strong mix required.

TARA: High energy firecracker from a poor neighborhood. She is always full of energy, and ready to have a good time. Rock belt voice.

PHOENIX: Laid back and boyish; a product of hippy parents, he never gets stressed out and takes life as it comes. Contemporary voice/poppy.

CASEY: Sexy and enterprising; originally from Texas, Casey moves to New York and wisely learns to use his boyish good looks to get whatever he wants. Contemporary voice.

J.B.: Witty and jubilant; born the youngest and gay in a family of seven brothers, J.B. used his humor and sarcasm to get him out of the south and uses it to make it in the big city.

NELSON: Cocky and arrogant. He's got the talent, he's got the good looks, and he knows it. Strong 'Broadway' baritone.

MICHAEL: All-round nice guy without much drive or self-esteem. Lyrical light baritone.


Song Samples

Somebody Find Me
Be Careful
Sweet Young Thang
What Do I Do Now?
It's Just The Beginning
1. ''No One In The World'' - Full Company
2. ''Broadway'' - Roz
3. ''A Few Well Chosen Words'' - Casey, Michael, Sarah & Joe
4. ''Sixteen Bars'' - Full Company
5. ''Somebody Find Me'' - Phoenix, Zoe
6. ''It All Comes Down To This'' - Tara, Casey, Gayla, J.B., Ensemble
7. ''Rainy Day'' - Lara
8. ''I Got The Job'' - Sarah, Company
9. ''Standing in the Light'' - Full Company
10. ''I Got People'' - Nelson, Ensemble
11. ''Bad Reviews Blues'' - Leeza
12. ''Be Careful'' - Gayla
13. ''Live It Up'' - Full Company
14. ''Sweet Young Thang'' - Casey
15. ''Money to Burn'' - Tara, Ensemble
16. ''Todd Said'' - Natalie
17. ''Make Way'' - J.B., Ensemble
18. ''If This Is All There Is'' - Adrienne
19. ''Nothing Can Get Me Down'' - April, Ensemble
20. ''I'm Not The Nun'' - April
21. ''Reprise: Broadway'' - Roz
22. ''What Do I Do Now?'' - Gayla, Michael
23. ''It's Just The Beginning'' - Zoe, Company

Full Orchestration

Reed (Clarinet, Alto Saxophone)
Keyboard 1-Conductor
Keyboard 2
Bass Guitar

  • Musical StyleJazz, Contemporary Broadway
  • Dance RequirementsModerate
  • Vocal DemandsModerate
  • Orchestra SizeMedium
  • Chorus SizeNo Chorus


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Charles Miller

Charles has become a highly regarded composer over the last decade. He has composed a number of musicals, many in collaboration with New York lyricist Kevin Hammonds. These include the highly acclaimed Brenda Bly: Teen Detective which opened at the Bridewell Theatre, London, ...

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Kevin Hammonds

Kevin wrote book and lyrics for When Midnight Strikes (cast recording available on iTunes) and Brenda Bly: Teen Detective (published by Samuel French). Other musicals written with Charles Miller include Hope, No One in the World, Mr. Christmas, Big Top and RSVP ASAP. New York ...
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