Peace in Our Time (Coward)

Full-Length Play, Drama  /  13w, 22m

"A bona fide theatrical event, which must not be missed by devotees
of Coward and should not be missed by theatergoers, rabid or casual." - NoHoArtsDistrict

Peace in Our Time (Coward)

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    13w, 22m


A most gripping drama, based on the most frightening theme of our time. Scene after scene, and curtain after curtain, Peace in Our Time is packed with fear, shock, and surprise. Mr. Coward begins his great drama with the premise that the Battle of Britain was lost, and that the Nazis conquered and now occupy England. Of the assorted people who frequent one particular pub we recognize some who bear themselves courageously under the occupation, as well as some opportunists who are anxious to collaborate. As the war wears on, the weak surrender themselves to the enticements of the Nazis, while the strong-willed and those with longer memories grow bitter, stubborn, and rebellious. First a youth with a horrible prison experience comes to the pub for aid. He is later followed by the pub owner's son, long thought dead. Their conversation unearths the resistance movement, which is somehow precariously conducted throughout the excitement that follows. In a ringing climax, filled with ironic justice, the Americans and British colonials storm onto England's shore.


"The work shows off Coward's technical mastery as a playwright, fluidly telling the story of a swath of British society living under Nazi terror and compellingly exploring, in admittedly a mild middle-class manner, the compromises of conscience that can occur as everyday citizens adapt to a new wartime order." - Los Angeles Times

"This handsome production will get an audience...it especially ought to be seen by young people, and most specifically by those who don't think they like theater. Disguised as imagined history, like all great art it's about the future...it feels vividly new, as Coward so frequently does. We can't resist him. He's as compassionate as writers get, and his sympathy lies with the audience. Therefore ours lies with him." - StageHappenings.com

"A bona fide theatrical event, which must not be missed by devotees of Coward and should not be missed by theatergoers, rabid or casual." -NoHoArtsDistrict

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