Scapino (Binder)

Full-Length Play, Comedy  /  2w, 6m

By Jeffrey Binder / Conceived by Zeljko Djukic and Jeffrey Binder / Based on Les Fourberies de Scapin by Molière

Molière's classic farce is transported to modern-day Naples, Florida, where wiseguys fight for turf and love in this irreverent and uproarious comedy.

  • Cast Size
    Cast Size
    2w, 6m
  • Duration
    105 Minutes
  • SubGenre
    Farce, Adaptations (Literature), Parody / Spoof, Commedia del Arte
  • Audience
    Target Audience
    Adult, Teen (Age 14 - 18)


The runaway hit, based on Moliere's 17th century French comedy that originally took place in Naples, Italy has been rewritten and re-imagined by Broadway veteran Jeffrey Binder as a mafia comedy now set in the "dangerous streets" of sunny Naples, Fla. This physical comedy is a blend of slapstick and doubletalk, combined with a hysterical mix of political comedy and all-around satire. In this modern take, the dons of two notorious mob families agree to avert a war between their families by marrying off their children. Except (whoops!) one of their kids has already secretly married the woman of his dreams and enlists the mob's crafty but disgraced consigliere, Scapino, to get them out of this deadly jam and reconcile the two families before they all whack each other. Hilarity ensues.
Scapino made its world premiere on February 17, 2018 at Gulfshore Playhouse under the direction of Zeljko Djukic and Founding and Producing Artistic Director Kristen Coury.

SCAPINO: A con artist and a trickster. Also a lawyer.
SYLVESTER: SCAPINO’s anxious sidekick but OCTAVIO’s number two.
DON JERRY GERONTE (pronounced GERONT-EE): The brutal, bull-headed, skinflint boss of one of the most notorious crime families in Naples.
DON ALBERT: The brutal, calculating, coiffed boss of one of the other most notorious crime families in Naples.
OCTAVIO: DON ALBERT’s handsome, devoted, very emotional and self-obsessed son. In love with CHLOE.
CHLOE: The beautiful, devoted, very emotional and driven secret-wife of OCTAVIO.
LEO: DON GERONTE’s large and dangerous son. Also devoted puppy dog in love with FEATHER.
FEATHER: A free spirit. The fiery and socially aware lover of LEO.

In terms of non-traditional casting, please cast this show freely and funnily.

Note from the Playwright:
Scapino embraces an old commedia style, but delivers it in a fully
modern way – please feel free to replace or update topical references as
noted, change Chicago to a more relevant city that will connect more
with your local audience, or otherwise embrace the unique timing of
found lazzis to bring a fresh, contemporary sensibility to the humor.
Make the jokes your own.

What makes or breaks Scapino is Scapino’s
relationship with the audience. The character Scapino in particular
should feel free to look at them, smile at them, toss lines to them,
wink and nod at them, seduce them, and otherwise break the fourth wall
with comic impunity to enlist them into his or her machinations and make
them feel as though they’re part of the scheming and "in on the joke." Exploring that interplay with the audience will only help heighten the
comedy in performance.

It’s equally important to find and land
those moments when the play becomes deadly serious – don’t shy away from
pulling the rug out from under the audience mid-laugh. Keep them
guessing and off balance. It’s a comedy, but the undercurrent of love,
fury, need, violence, and betrayal keeps the stakes high and the ball in
the air as much as the fun. Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is a
dangerous game they’re all playing - the cost of failure (for all of
them) is catastrophic. And hilarious.

  • Time Period Present Day
  • Features Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes
  • Duration 105 Minutes


"A bold, creative stroke of comedic genius!" - Naples Daily News

"High energy and breakneck dialogue [...] a fun and funny night at the theater." - Pittsburgh City Paper

"Jeffrey Binder [...] adapted Molière's classic with quick-hit comedic daggers for audience members, who roared throughout Saturday's opening night performance." - Naples Daily News

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  • Minimum Fee: £55 per performance plus VAT when applicable.


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