This Is Where We Came In

This Is Where We Came In

This Is Where We Came In

This Is Where We Came In


Albert and a strange mechanized creature, Kevin on Keyboards. They tell Fred that they are slaves of the Storytellers who control their every move. Once they had a champion, Flavius, who nearly managed to wrest storytelling control back into their hands where it belongs. The Storytellers arrive: Great Aunt Repetitus, Uncle Erraticus and Uncle Oblivious. The Players react fearfully and the stories begin. First an inaccurate version of Hansel and Gretel is told by Erraticus. An equally eccentric rendering of The Frog Prince by Oblivious follows. During this, Fred is identified as the long lost Flavius. In the third tale, Repetitus tries to destroy Flavius and nearly succeeds, but Flavius vanquishes the Storytellers forever.

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  • Genre: Fantasy, Theatre for Young Audiences


Alan Ayckbourn

A playwright and theatre director, to date Alan Ayckbourn has written 89 plays – Family Album attracted four-star reviews when it premiered in September 2022 at the Stephen Joseph, where nearly all his plays are first staged.

However, this year he will stage his 88th play Welc ...

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