Daffodil Scissors

Daffodil Scissors

Daffodil Scissors

Daffodil Scissors


Daffodil lives alone with Dad. Dad makes extraordinary hats. The extraordinary hats go on Daffodil’s head. Wearing Dad’s hats makes everyone at school laugh at Daffodil. How is Daffodil ever going to make friends? Perhaps the mysterious Bag Lady has the answer.

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  • Genre: Theatre for Young Audiences
  • Cast Attributes: Ensemble cast, Cross gender casting, Reduced casting (Doubling Possible), Features Children, Flexible casting, Roles for Children


Philip Ridley

Philip was born in the East End of London. He studied painting at St Martin’s School of Art. He has written many highly regarded and hugely influential plays: the seminal The Pitchfork Disney, the multi-award-winning The Fastest Clock in the Universe, Ghost from a Perfect Pla ...
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