Rubber Ring

Rubber Ring

Rubber Ring

Rubber Ring


‘Where can I ‘explore’ by the coast? Rock pools. I can’t get onto Grindr and Tinder: there’s no 4G in Norfolk. The whole world is a singles bar now but I can’t get in. I am sick of feeling like a story that will never get told.’

Jimmy is sixteen, sexually confused and stuck in the seaside town they forgot to bomb. He’s screwed. Well he isn’t actually: that’s the problem… When pop icon Morrissey comes to London, Jimmy flees to the big city to find his hero and himself.

Rubber Ring is a coming of age comedy solo play about growing up queer in a rural community, learning to love yourself, love your roots and love without labels.

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  • Genre: Biography
  • Time Period: Contemporary


James McDermott

James McDermott trained at the University of East Anglia with an MA (Distinction) in Scriptwriting, the Royal Court Writers Group, Soho Theatre’s Writers Lab, Hampstead Theatre’s Inspire: The Next Playwright Programme, Criterion Theatre’s New Writing Programme and Menagerie T ...

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