Rubber Ring

Rubber Ring

Rubber Ring

Rubber Ring


‘Where can I ‘explore’ by the coast? Rock pools. I can’t get onto Grindr and Tinder: there’s no 4G in Norfolk. The whole world is a singles bar now but I can’t get in. I am sick of feeling like a story that will never get told.’

Jimmy is sixteen, sexually confused and stuck in the seaside town they forgot to bomb. He’s screwed. Well he isn’t actually: that’s the problem… When pop icon Morrissey comes to London, Jimmy flees to the big city to find his hero and himself.

Rubber Ring is a coming of age comedy solo play about growing up queer in a rural community, learning to love yourself, love your roots and love without labels.

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  • Genre: Biography
  • Time Period: Contemporary


James McDermott

James McDermott trained at The University Of East Anglia where he graduated with an MA (Distinction) in Scriptwriting. He has participated on The Royal Court Writers Group, Soho Theatre’s Writers Lab, HighTide Young Writers Academy and he is currently one of four young writer ...
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