Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies


After a hit and run accident, naive country girl Sasha comes to the aid of ex-villain Val who is using a bogus identity as an ex-policeman. Sasha befriends Val and welcomes him into her home; overcome by her generosity and childlike innocence, he showers Sasha with lavish gifts whilst his rival Ashley, knowing of Val's sordid past, seeks to protect Sasha from this potential danger.

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Alan Ayckbourn

2017 marks the 60th anniversary of Alan Ayckbourn joining the Library Theatre company in Scarborough, of which he was the Artistic Director for 37 years and where he made both his professional playwriting in 1959 and his directorial debut in 1961.

He has spent his life in thea ...

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