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Jenifer Toksvig

Jenifer Toksvig

Jenifer Toksvig writes musical theatre for storytellers of all ages. With composer David Perkins, she has written several shows for young people to perform, including The Curious Quest for the Sandman's Sand, Skool & Crossbones, Shake, Ripple & Roll, Pandemonium (a Greek Myth-adventure) and their latest title, The Nutcracker, all developed with director Julia Black and the youth department at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford, Surrey.

With composer Alexander Rudd, shows include: The Stones Are Hatching (adapted from the novel by Geraldine McCaughrean), The Queen of Snow (inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen), and Hitler's Canary (adapted from the novel by Sandi Toksvig). Jenifer and Alexander are also prolific song writers whose work has been recorded in Britain by musical theatre performers such as Julie Atherton, Michael Xavier, Claire Moore and Niamh Perry, and in L.A. by jazz singers such as Richard Shelton at Columbia Records.

Other musicals include collaboration with composer Dominic Haslam on an adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Mort, and a straight play adaptation of David Almond's novella The Savage.

With her theatre company, The Copenhagen Interpretation, Jenifer also directs and produces, developing devised, immersive, transmedia musical theatre which directly engages the audience. She is continuously developing ways in which to incorporate the archival of live performance by capturing the audience's presence within the experience, via such things as photography, direct one-on-one engagement and social media.

Jenifer is a keen advocate for new musical theatre writing, and is working with the relevant unions and professional organizations to ensure that fair contracts and agreements exist for writers and composers throughout the development of new work in the UK. Jenifer is also an active supporter of individual artists creating their own production organizations, and of inter-organizational collaboration amongst the broader tribe of British theatre makers.

Other things that occupy her time include: rehearsal photography, book writing and illustrating, knitting, and making a fuss of other people's dogs.

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