Les Liaisons Dangereuses


Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Full-Length Play, Drama  /  6f, 3m

Christopher Hampton, Choderlos de Laclos

Les Liaisons Dangereuses
by Christopher Hampton

"A compelling evening of malicious wit." - The New York Times

Image: Joan Marcus

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

  • Cast Size
    Cast Size
    6f, 3m


A tale of seduction set in France among aristocrats before the revolution, this is a classic drama for exploring decadent sexuality, morals, and manipulation played as the ultimate game, with tragic results. The Royal Shakespeare Company's stunning production met with acclaim in Stratford, London and on Broadway. The film Dangerous Liaisons starred Glenn Close, John Malkovich, and Michelle Pfeiffer.
Cast Attributes
M3 (20s, 30) F6 (15, 20s, late 30s, elderly)
  • Time Period 18th Century
  • Setting Various interior and exterior settings
  • Features Period Costumes


"...bristles with tart, funny and exquisitely moulded lines... supple and addictive contemporary playwriting at its very best." - Financial Times

"Thirty years after its premiere at the RSC, Christopher Hampton's lauded and awarded adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos's scandalising 1782 epistolary novel... still has the power to engulf an audience in a heady, intoxicating aroma, the perfumed essence of fleurs du mal." - The Telegraph, Read more

"Has there ever been a better stage adaptation of a novel than this one by Christopher Hampton? He took an epistolary novel by Choderlos de Laclos from 1782 and created a drama full of symmetry, sex and style." - The Guardian, Read more 


  • Les Liaisons Dangereuses

    Image: Joan Marcus

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Christopher Hampton

Christopher Hampton became involved in theatre while studying French and German at Oxford University, and wrote a play in his first year.

The Royal Court's subsequent production was so successful that it transferred to the Comedy Theatre while he was still a student, making hi ...

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