Lust 'n' Rust: The Trailer Park Musical

"Written with a lighthearted, affectionate touch, Lust 'n' Rust seeks the humanity in a trailer park." - TIMEOFF
"This country-western musical comedy delves beneath the surface of redneck stereotypes to find a hootin', hollerin' good time." - Bay Weekly

Lust 'n' Rust: The Trailer Park Musical



Falling for the waitress who serves your patty melt, telling your boss to go to hell...
Living paycheck to paycheck, while you still can, that's Lust 'n Rust, the original trailer park musical.

Lust 'n Rust is the story of Connie, an inhabitant of Redbud Mobile Estates who waits tables at Smitty’s Diner. Connie is splitting up with her soon to be ex-husband, Duane, who is trying to gain Connie's forgiveness for an unfortunate incident.  Connie’s life is soon complicated by the arrival of Steve, a corporate manager from New Jersey who is transferred to this small southern Illinois town to run the local Agribig food processing plant. He moves into Redbud Mobile Estates and meets Connie and her quirky friends.  It’s not long before Connie’s new boyfriend – Steve - is charged with a difficult assignment - an action that could have a disastrous impact on the local economy. 

Soon to be a major motion picture! Lust 'n Rust is currently being developed into a feature film by director Penelope Spheeris ("Wayne's World", "The Beverly Hillbillies") and Tom Martin, former Senior VP of Marketing for Universal Pictures.

NOTE: authors are open to being contacted by producers, directors, musicians who have licensed or are interested in the show.

To learn more visit: http://lustnrust.com/



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    Meet the characters of Lust n' Rust


Song Samples

Look Away
Redbud Mobile Estate
Caucasian Hair
Double Wide
Let Her Go
What We're Doin'
Bigger Than Yours
Once Upon A Time
They Say
Cajun Cookin'
Off to Mexico
Over and Done
Mobilized (Reprise)

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Frank Haney

Frank Haney is an award winning film writer/producer/director whose work has been seen on A&E, The History Channel, and VH-1. Prior to his career as a filmmaker, Mr. Haney led, played guitar, sang and recorded with several seminal Midwestern country-rock groups (Silver Wings, ...
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Carol Kimball

Carol Kimball was a musician and documentary filmmaker during the creation of Lust 'n' Rust: The Trailer Park Musical, simultaneously working in corporate communications. Post 9/11 she moved on to forge a career as a mortgage banker, which she did for several years. Yes, we k ...

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Dave Stratton

Dave Stratton has been writing and producing comedy for almost thirty years, primarily for corporate events of Fortune 100 companies. He is a writer with healthcare advertising agency, Abelson Taylor. Previously, Mr. Stratton worked for some of the most prestigious film and m ...
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