Pheasant Plucker

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The story of a bird handler who throws down her gauntlet; a soaring tale of avian antics, wit and daring.

The debut solo comedy play from the writer of Mock Tudor (Theatre 503) , Café Red (Trafalgar Studios) and Talking to Strangers (with Sally Phillips for BBC Radio 4)

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Read our interview with Lily Bevan on the Samuel French blog

“I mean falconry is a weird life. In a way. I could sort of do without this. I’m here in this field 24/7 – last week I ate one of his frozen rats thinking it was a Calippo” – Harriet

“And breathe. Each breath entering the lungs deeper. Deeper. Inside. Like...a vole, a vole into a hole. That’s right. Just listening to the sound of my voice. Like Simon says but without Simon. Just you and the mat. Not Matt or Simon or anyone. Just you. Following a simple set of movements, of ideas, like a set of chess you’ve inherited. Or a set of badgers, all the same, all different. But badgers. Which are movements” – Yoga Teacher

HARRIET – From Norwich, a falconer, wears yellow waterproofs and wellies and a falconer’s gauntlet.

YOGA TEACHER – Soothing gentle voice, has been told that using metaphors is the best way to teach yoga.

THERAPIST – In the text the therapist is unseen, but could be played by an actor where some lines could be added.

PALM READER – Australian, rambunctious, likes to work the “hen do” circuit. REMI TICTOC – French, an expensive nutritionist.

DANIEL SACHET – A debonair actor of a certain age.

TUDOR PHEASANT PLUCKER – Harriet's grandmother – very game.

IRENIE – Extremely posh, quite hard to understand at times, jolly, jolly.

JESTER – Cockney, a falcon, smoking a fag, very laissez-faire.

NARRATOR/ MUSICIAN – Optional (see tips for performance in script).



“Daft and deliriously funny... Harriet’s personal voyage enables Bevan to reel out a range of perfectly executed and totally bats characters. A strong debut from an undoubted talent” THE LIST

“Lily Bevan is one of the finest, funniest and most original writers I know. I feel a strong kinship with her work, and with her, because of writing and performing my own shows for television and the Edinburgh festival. It’s edgy work but exciting. Pheasant Plucker comes from a brave new talent” EMMA THOMPSON



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Lily Bevan

Lily trained at RADA and studied Social and Political Sciences at Jesus College, Cambridge. Acting credits include: A Voyage Round My Father (Donmar Warehouse); Kindertransport (Shared Experience, Hampstead Theatre and National Tour); The Miser and The Hypochondriac (Belgra ...
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