How Say You

Kay Bannerman, Harold Brooke

Full Length Play, Comedy  /  3f, 6m, 3m or f

A comedy in 3 acts

A love story played out against the background of Chambers and Law Courts.

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  • Cast Size
    Cast Size
    3f, 6m, 3m or f
  • Duration
    More than 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • Audience
    Target Audience
    • Adult
    • Senior
    • Teen (Age 14 - 18)

Guy Stevens, a young and struggling barrister is put out at the prospect of haing to share his room in Chambers with his boss's niece. Not only does he have to cede his desk and chair in favour of a discarded one in a draughty corner, he has the chagrin of seeing this young woman, cool and full of self-confidence, arrive armed with an interesting and highly-marked brief.

When the opportunity presents itself for him to appear for the opposite side in her case he does so with relish, intending to annihilate her in court.

Portia's inexperience makes this easier than Guy imagined which robs him of the full flavour of victory and when the Judge bullies Portia for refusing to accept the verdict, Guy's feelings take a protective turn. Guy realises he loves and admires this woman.

Both in disgrace for speaking out against the Judge, Portia's uncle is able to pacify the Judge and ensure a happy ending to the play.

Theate Royal, Windsor. April 1959


Performing Groups
  • Mild Adult Themes

Licence details

  • Minimum Fee: £69 per performance plus VAT when applicable.



  • Time Period: 1950s
  • Duration: More than 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • Setting:

    Act 1 and 3: Junior Councel's room in Sir John Curry's Chambers

    Act 2: The Courtroom


3f, 6m, 3m or f
Cast Attributes

Guy Stevens - young, ambitious barrister

George Lockwood - stolid, reliable, avuncular clerk and manager on Sir John Curry's Chambers

Hubert Shannon - young barrister, less confident then his friend Guy

Frances Pilbright ('Portia') - young barrister

Gladys Pudney - ditzy, timid wife of Sidney

Sidney Pudney - slick wise-guy

Pearl Hoskins - Sidney's girlfriend

Mr. Justice Hadden

Mr. Peebles -witness in the case

Clerk to the Court

Usher to the Court

Police Constable

Casting Notes

The off stage voice of Sir John is also needed.



Kay Bannerman

Kay Bannerman was born October 11, 1919, in Hove, Sussex, England and died March 31, 1991, in Marbella, Spain. Performer and playwright, Bannerman began her career as a stage actress in the late 1930s. She had major roles in London productions of Major Barbara and The Gambler, and pla ...

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