Bob Marley's Three Little Birds

Short Musical, Comedy  /  3f, 3m

Based on a story by Cedella Marley
Music and Lyrics by Bob Marley
Adapted for the Stage by Michael J. Bobbitt

A jammin' musical featuring the timeless music and lyrics of Bob Marley and based on the children's book by his daughter Cedella, Bob Marley's Three Little Birds shares the legendary reggae artist's message of peace and love with a new generation of songbirds.

  • Cast Size
    Cast Size
    3f, 3m
  • Duration
    60 minutes (1 hour)
  • SubGenre
    Theatre for Young Audiences
  • Audience
    Target Audience
    Appropriate for all audiences, Young Children (Age 2 - 5), Children (Age 6 - 10)
Licence details
  • Licensing fees and rental materials quoted upon application.
Bob Marley's Three Little Birds


Mama says 'breathe easy,' but Ziggy's afraid to leave the house. He's too busy worrying about tropical storms, evil spirits and steering clear of that sneaky, hair-snatching Duppy! But with the help of Dr. Bird and his feathered friends, Ziggy's reminded in soothing six-part harmony that "every little thing gonna be all right." 
3 Men
3 Woman

Ziggy – a timid boy with long dreadlocks – 11
Nansi – a trickster girl – 11 (Also: Spanish Bird #2, British Colonizer Bird, Sister Indian Bird)
Duppy – an evil spirit bird with a head full of human hair taken from children, 30's (Also: Villager, Great Grandfather Spanish Bird)
Doctor Bird – a lucky bird, Ziggy's pet and best friend, 20's
Cedella – Ziggy's Mother, 40's (Also Montego – a bird, Spanish Bird #1, Great Aunt African Bird)
Tacoomah – a bird (Also: Villager, Great Grandmother British Bird, Cousin Chinese Bird) 
  • Time Period Contemporary
  • Setting Cattawood Springs, a small village on the Island of Jamaica
  • Features Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes
  • Duration 60 minutes (1 hour)


“Filled with powerful messages without resorting to maudlin sentimentality, Three Little Birds shows a youngster facing his deepest fears –who hasn’t feared that?  But with friends and loving support (and terrific music), he discovers strengths that he didn’t even know he had– again, timeless life lessons applicable to all.”
— Debbie Minter Jackson, DC Theatre Scene

“A Must See!”  “I had a feeling we’d be in for a special treat with this one, and I was right!”
— JusticeFergie.com

“‘Three Little Birds’ is a color-filled delight for kids and Bob Marley tunes for everyone”

“With a jammin’ score woven from the songs of Bob Marley and buoyant design to match, the show flaunts such jubilant, tropical-candy tones that the outside world looks drab by comparison.”

“You might not have thought of Marley’s music as a natural complement to children’s theater. But the two got together, and it feels all right.”
— Celia Wren and [email protected]The Washington Post

“Marley’s songs have an easygoing, ambling pace, but this musical is more scrambling fun.”
— Jason Zinoman, New York Times

“When you bring Bob Marley's reggae together with a charming story about children and sassy talking birds, you get sheer delight onstage… Parents and kids will be entertained by the music and dancing, but there's an important lesson to learn from these little birds… From mangoes and mongooses to hurricanes and spicy jerk chicken, this musical offers all sorts of springboards for conversations about different foods, animals, music, and ways of life. But the best lesson for kids to take from Bob Marley's Three Little Birds is that your fears should never get in the way of having an adventure with the world. Not a bad lesson for grown-ups, either.”
— Pete Hempstead, Theatermania

“Bob Marley’s music and songs are performed in a way that are lively and fun, with the universal message being one of love, joy, and celebration.”

“Bright, joyful, and the perfect way to introduce your child to the popular Reggae culture, Three Little Birds is an absolute must-see."
— Julia L. Exline, DC Metro Theater Arts

“You are instantly transported to a world of rhythm and light… Everyone was swaying in their seats from beginning to end… This show convinces us that Bob Marley’s music transcends all ages…through all the ages. It’s music for everyone.”
— Amy Wall Lerman, Motherhood Later… Than Sooner

"What play mesmerizes, tantalizes, and revitalizes you as it whisks you away on a warm and sweet ocean breeze? Adventure Theatre MTC’s production of Three Little Birds does!"
— April Forrer, MD Theatre Guide


1. "Opener/One Love/Jamming/Roots Rock Reggae" - Nansi, Cedella, Tacoomah, Ziggy, Dr. Bird & Duppy
2. "Natural Mystic/ So Much Trouble in the World" - Duppy, Ziggy, Dr. Bird, Tacoomah & Montego
3. "Cedella Countin’" - Cedella
4. "Lively Up Yourself" - Nansi & Cedella
5. "Brown Girl in the Ring" - Nansi
6. "Is This Love?/Please Don’t Rock My Boat" - Ziggy, Dr. Bird, Montego & Tacoomah
7. "Riding High" - Ziggy, Nansi & Birds
8. "Duppy's Spell" - Ziggy, Nansi & Duppy
9. "I Know" - Ziggy & Dr. Bird
10. "One Love: Montage" - Company
11. "Three Little Bird Reprise" - Birds & Duppy
12. "Running Away" - The Birds
13. "Brown Girl in the Ring Reprise" - Nansi, Ziggy & Birds
14. "I Shot the Sheriff/Duppy Conqueror/Finale" - Company
Full Orchestration

1 Piano
1 Reed
1 Keyboard 2
1 Electric Guitar
1 Electric Bass
1 Drum Set
1 Aux Percussion
  • Musical StyleContemporary Broadway
  • Dance RequirementsMinimal
  • Vocal DemandsModerate
  • Orchestra SizeMedium
  • Chorus SizeNo Chorus


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1 Keyboard 2
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10 Libretto-Vocal Book
1 Piano-Vocal
1 Guide Vocal Tracks (Digital Download) 
1 Accompaniment Tracks (Digital Download) 
1 Language Guide Tracks (Digital Download) 
1 Logo Pack


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Cedella Marley


Bob Marley

Michael J. Bobbitt

MICHAEL J. BOBBITT (SDC, DGA) Playwright, Director, Choreographer, Arts Leader

In addition to Bob Marley's Three Little Birds (which was nominated for The Charles MacArthur Award for Outstanding New Play or Musical by the Helen Hayes Awards) and Garfield, the Musical with Ca ...

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