Performance and Rehearsal Tracks

High quality tracks to help with rehearsal and performance.

Performance and rehearsal tracks are available for a wide variety of shows from our catalog. A small portion of our plays and musicals require the use of audio tracks for performance. If you have licensed a show that requires tracks, audio files or a CD will be provided with your rental package. Details on required tracks can be found in your licensing agreement and the Rental Package section on the Perform pages of our shows.

Concord Theatricals also works with Right On Cue Services (ROCS) for high-quality rehearsal and performance tracks for theatre. If you are interested in using performance tracks with Right On Cue Services (ROCS),  please ask your licensing representative for more information.

Right On Cue Services

Right On Cue Services provides the perfect musical accompaniment for your show. ROCS provides customisable software that integrates with backing tracks and allows for real time control of tempo, key, and other characteristics.

Concord Theatricals offers both rehearsal and performance tracks through Right On Cue Services. All orders for ROCS products are handled through your licensing representative.

Note: All programs run on MAC, PC, and iOS devices. Read below to learn more about these products.

Show|Ready - Rehearsal Tracks

Convenience. Affordability. Adaptability.

Simplify your process with quality rehearsal tracks. The intuitive, plug-n-play interface gives music directors complete control over the show. Rehearsal tracks are a significant aide to a rehearsal pianist, providing for a more productive rehearsal schedule.

Make the show your own
With just the click of a mouse you can modify the key or tempo, add cuts, caesuras and repeats using the Windows or Mac interface. Adjusting to your casts' vocal abilities has never been easier.

Learning doesn't stop at rehearsals
When you license Show|Ready you automatically acquire a license for the whole cast and the music director.

Keep your cast on the same page
Wherever you are, any modifications you make to the score are easily updated and automatically distributed to your cast.

Rehearse anytime, anywhere
The included iOS app enables you to access the rehearsal tracks anywhere, complete with updated score modifications and the ability to mix and mute all the individual parts.

Stage|Tracks - Performance Tracks

Simplicity. Flexibility. Fidelity.

No surprises. No extra work. Transfer the convenience, affordability and adaptability of our rehearsal tracks to the stage. Simply submit your final modifications to Right On Cue Services three weeks before your performance and you're ready to take the stage.

World-class quality
Performance tracks recorded by premiere musicians in a state of the art studio. It's like having the orchestra right there with you.

Perform anywhere
Built with ease-of-use in mind, the included iOS app puts the orchestra in your pocket and ensures you are always on cue for an incredible show.

Sample Tracks

Performance tracks from Right On Cue Services are recorded by premiere musicians in a state of the art studio. Listen for yourself.

Happy Days
Smoke On The Mountain
Sanders Family Christmas

Watch the Videos

Learn more about our partnership with Right On Cue Services.

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Right on Cue Services - Tracks
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Installing Tracks

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