Nobody's Perfect

Full-Length Play, Comedy  /  2f, 2m

Simon Williams

Nobody's Perfect
by Simon Williams

"Evenings spent in the theatre do not come any better than this." - The Stage

"Bristles with sharply funny one-liners. It has one of the funniest sequences I've see in any comedy for a long time. I laughed so much I was gasping for breath…

  • Cast Size
    Cast Size
    2f, 2m
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Love Is All Round' is a feminist publishing house where Harriet Copeland is running a competition to find new romantic fiction; their motto is 'For Women By Women'. To avoid this gender bias, Leonard Loftus is forced to submit his novel under a female pseudonym. So when Lulabelle Latiffa wins the first prize, Leonard begins to have a major problem. He is a bashful statistician lumbered with a spectacular alter ago. With domestic complications from his wayward daughter Dee Dee and Gus, his rascally old father, Leonard tries frantically to keep up the charade of Lulabelle. His problems are made worse when he falls hopelessly in love with Harriet. He is a worried man in the guise of a carefree woman. The happy ending is not going to be easy. In high heels and lipstick our hero is caught in a hilarious dilemma of cross-dressing and cross-purposes. Oh what a tangled web we weave, across The UK, Australia and all over Europe, Nobody's Perfect has been acclaimed as a classic feel good romantic comedy. Now adapted for the US audience it has the fertile tradition of Some Like It Hot, Tootsie, and Mrs. Doubtfire. This is a play that offers belly laughs galore - four irresistibly loveable characters locked into a hilarious plot. The final scene has been described as a comic masterpiece.
Cast Attributes
M2 (middle age, old) F2 (teenage, middle age) 1 M extra.
  • Time Period Contemporary
  • Setting A flat, an office



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