My Dad's A Birdman

Full-Length Play, Drama  /  3f, 2m, 3 any gender

David Almond

A barmy, tender and funny tale about a father and daughter joining a Great Human Bird Competition.

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    Cast Size
    3f, 2m, 3 any gender
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    Adventure, Adaptations (Literature), Theatre for Young Audiences
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  • Minimum Fee: £55 per performance plus VAT when applicable.



“Are me feet off the floor yet? Are me feet off the floor?”

In a rainy town in the north of England, there are strange goings-on. Dad is building a pair of wings, eating flies, and feathering his nest. Auntie Doreen is getting cross and making dumplings. Mr Poop is parading the streets, shouting louder and louder, and even Mr Mint, the head teacher, is getting in a flap. And watching it all is Lizzie, missing her mam and looking after her dad and thinking how beautiful the birds are. What’s behind it all? It’s the Great Human Bird Competition, of course. Who will be the first to fly across the River Tyne?

David Almond’s barmy, tender and funny tale about wings and faith, written for the Young Vic to accompany their production of Skellig. It has since been performed many times around the world, and also adapted by Almond into a much-loved, much-translated novel, with illustrations by Polly Dunbar.


"My Dad’s A Birdman offers adult audiences a sentimental story with songs about faith and determination in who you are, or could be, as well as thrilling children too. [...] It’s a joy to see a complex level of characterisation in a show aimed at under 10-year olds." - A Younger Theatre

"A charming, gently optimistic fable about human longings that runs at 70 minutes and is aimed at five to eight-year-olds." - The Guardian

"A heartwarming message about the power of belief and familial bonds" - The Independent


Breaking Character

David Almond on Writing for Young People




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