Cadillac Crew


Cadillac Crew

Full-Length Play, Drama  /  4f

On the eve of an important speech by Rosa Parks, four women working in a Virginia civil rights office celebrate, argue, plan and commiserate as they plot a course for desegregation and women's rights. 

Image: 2019 Yale Repertory Theatre Production (Joan Marcus)

  • Cast Size
    Cast Size
  • Duration
    120 minutes (2 hours)


On the day of a much-anticipated speech by Rosa Parks during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, four activists working in a Virginia civil rights office wonder whether the proclamation of equality amongst mankind includes women. With remarkable insight and unexpected humor, Cadillac Crew reclaims the stories of the forgotten leaders who blazed the trail for desegregation and women’s rights and asks: when will the world be ready to embrace women in all their capacity?
Cadillac Crew premiered at Yale Repertory Theater in New Haven, Connecticut on April 26, 2019. Directed by Jesse Rasmussen and Tori Sampson, the production featured Chalia La Tour, Dria Brown, Ashley Bryant and Brontë England-Nelson.

RACHEL – A powerhouse of a young WOMAN. Polished. Poised. Witty. Lovingly stern. Proud.
Twenty-six years of sage. BLACK.
Actor will embody ALICIA.

ABBY – A powerhouse of a young WOMAN. Driven by personal goals. Values the autonomy she’s never experienced. Sharp. Unapologetic.
Twenty-two years of sage. BLACK.
Actor will embody OPAL.

DEE – A powerhouse of a young WOMAN. Grounded in personal constitution. Mature. Hesitancy and confidence often reveal themselves simultaneously. Sophisticated.
Thirty-five years of sage. BLACK.
Actor will embody PATRISSE.

SARAH – A powerhouse of a young WOMAN. Down to earth. Firm in stance and address. Protective. Secure in the past; optimistically awaits the future.
Twenty-eight years of sage. WHITE passing.
Actor will embody JOURNALIST.

DRIVERS – A voice(s).

  • Time Period 1960s
  • Setting A local civil rights office in Virginia. Mid-1963.
  • Features Period Costumes
  • Duration 120 minutes (2 hours)


“Brilliant... Strap in for a wild, mind-expanding ride.” – The Hartford Courant

“Fundamentally it’s a play about a metaphorical threat: the threat of erasure. It may be men who start the job of suppressing women’s contributions to the civil rights movement, but history completes it... Though mostly fictional, the play is thus an effective form of historical reconstitution.” – The New York Times

“Vibrant, honest and effective.” – New Haven Register

“Brilliant... exploring history, influence, social change and pervasive modern forms of oppression, misunderstanding and obliviousness... it accesses history, name-checks African-American icons, chronicles challenging relationships, evokes the harsh realities of urban life, breaks into strident proclamations... Strap in for a wild, mind-expanding ride.” – The Hartford Courant

“Some of the best new theater of the year... Sampson gives us four great characters, three black and one white, all with different points of view on race and gender relations, but all with the same objective, equality for women of color.” – Journal Inquirer (Manchester, CT)

“Thematically and politically rich and important... Playwright Sampson does well to sculpt vital, powerful women who are individualists. She has a keen voice and her words accurately reflects time and place... [She] pushes those watching to ponder further and... perhaps become more proactive in the quest for human equality.” – Talkin' Broadway


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  • Cadillac Crew

    Image: 2019 Yale Repertory Theatre Production (Joan Marcus)

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Boston native Tori Sampson’s plays include If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must be a Muhfucka (Playwrights Horizons, 2019), This Land Was Made (Vineyard Theatre, UPCOMING 2022), and Cadillac Crew (Yale Repertory Theater, 2019). Her plays have been developed at Great Plains Theatre Confe ...

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