Pandemonium (a Greek Myth-adventure)

Pandemonium (a Greek Myth-adventure)

Pandemonium (a Greek Myth-adventure)

Pandemonium (a Greek Myth-adventure)

Pandemonium (a Greek Myth-adventure)


Welcome to Ancient Greece and the wedding of Pandora and Epimetheus! Pandora's a gift from Zeus, the king of the gods. A strange box appears amongst the wedding presents, and curiosity compels Pandora to open it. All manner of evil is released into the world! She grabs the box and runs away. This wasn't part of Zeus's plan! Follow the gods, goddesses, nymphs and mortals in their mad race to find Pandora and the box.

This mythical, fun-packed musical adventure, from the authors of the successful Shake, Ripple & Roll, runs approximately one and a half hours, plus interval. The Greek chorus can involve a cast as large as required. With an exciting up-beat score and copious staging and author's notes, this musical should prove an excellent choice for drama groups of all ages.


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  • Genre: Adventure, Theatre for Young Audiences, Fables/Folktales
  • Time Period: Greek; Roman & Biblical
  • Cast Attributes: Features Children, Flexible casting, Roles for Children
  • Target Audience: Appropriate for all audiences


David Perkins

David works as a composer, pianist, MD and music arranger. His specialization is writing and collaborating on musicals for the youth/schools market and shows aimed at young/family orientated audiences. Published works include Shake Ripple & Roll, Pandemonium! (a Greek Myth-ad ...
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Jenifer Toksvig

Jenifer Toksvig writes musical theatre for storytellers of all ages. With composer David Perkins, she has written several shows for young people to perform, including The Curious Quest for the Sandman's Sand, Skool & Crossbones, Shake, Ripple & Roll, Pandemonium (a Greek Myth ...
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