One to Another

One to Another

One to Another

by: John Mortimer, Harold Pinter, N.F. Simpson

by: John Mortimer, Harold Pinter, N.F. Simpson

One to Another

One to Another

by: John Mortimer, Harold Pinter, N.F. Simpson

by: John Mortimer, Harold Pinter, N.F. Simpson


Eight Short Plays

Triangle. M2 F1
The Waitress studies her two regulars - one timid and uncertain, the other forceful and decisive. They both have powers to charm and as she serves them she dreams of life in their respective homes - the only snag is they are quite unaware of her aspirations.

Gladly Otherwise. M2 F1
Into the lethargy of the Brandywine household comes the Man, a high-powered salesman. Within minutes he has them tied in knots, but when he removes his personality they sink back into domestic gloom.

The Black and White. F2
Two old women, down-and-outs from London's Embankment and back streets, regale themselves with bread and soup in the early hours of the morning.

Trouble in the Works. M2
Fibbs interviews Wills from the works and tries to plumb the mental depths of his engineering workers. After cutting his way through a jungle of technical jargon he discovers what they really want to make is brandyballs.

Cleaning Up Justice. M1 F1
The court usher and the charwoman deplore the shocking goings-on of their betters who are brought to court - how differently and how happily they themselves have lived since they committed bigamy.

Collector's Piece. M6 F4
When young Albert caught a Goat Moth in his father's garden it changed his life - in future he would study Nature. Unfortunately his life passes and death comes too quickly, for, at the end, all he has discovered is the Goat Moth.

Conference. M3
The Tycoon interviews Jones, but he is such a popular fellow and so tied up with his telephones that a frustrated Jones retreats to a call box and winds up their meeting by phone to his own if not to the Tycoon's satisfaction.

Can You Hear Me?. M2
Crob and Hud are staying in a reputable hotel but find the amenities leave much to be desired. When Crob feels the urge to have a speaking tube it is some time before it is supplied and then he finds it difficult to control.

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  • Time Period: Contemporary



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Harold Pinter was born in London in 1930. He lived with Antonia Fraser from 1975 until his death on Christmas Eve 2008. (They were married in 1980). After studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the Central School of Speech and Drama, he worked as an actor under the stage name David Baron. Following his s ...

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