by: Stuart Kaminsky

by: Stuart Kaminsky


After robbing a savings and loan, Brian takes refuge in a down-and-out used book store run by Maddy and Betty. The book store's principal customer is Christopher, who steals books his brother pays for at the end of each week. A suspicious cop has the shop surrounded. Roger, a public defender, enters in a clown costume. It's his day off and he is moonlighting. After bullets fly during a comic siege, Brian turns himself in to Claudia, a no-nonsense assistant district attorney, but first he hides some of the money he has stolen. Brian's partner Eddie is under Claudia's thumb and ordered to remain mute. Late that night, Brian, Maddy, Betty, Christopher and Roger converge on the book store to retrieve the stolen money. Brian has made a deal to return the stolen money. However everyone decides to kill Brian and share the money. In confusion, Betty is shot by Maddy, Brian decides to turn himself in, but first he lets the women keep some of the money. 

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  • Genre: Mystery/Thriller
  • Time Period: Contemporary, Present Day
  • Target Audience: Adult, Senior, Teen (Age 14 - 18)


Stuart Kaminsky

Stuart Kaminsky is author of 50 published novels, 5 biographies, 4 textbooks and 35 short stories and two plays that are published by Samuel French, The Final Toas ...

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