Half Breed

Half Breed

Half Breed

Half Breed


Jazmin feels different. 

She doesn’t want to stay in the village. 
She doesn’t want to have a baby. 
She doesn’t want to laugh at racist jokes in the local pub. 
She’s got to get out.

And when her Gran signs her up for a drama school audition in London without telling her: “my brain is just as confused as my skin. Should I stay here? Or should I try move to London. Stay.Go.Stay.Go.Stay.Go.Stay…”

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Natasha Marshall

Growing up mixed-race in the West Country, Natasha has en¬joyed performing from a young age. At eighteen she decided to move to London to pursue her acting dreams and attend East15 acting school. During the course Natasha discovered her love for poetry and started writing. Af ...
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