The Amber Trap

The Amber Trap

The Amber Trap

The Amber Trap


Come here. Come closer. I want to show you something.

Katie and her girlfriend Hope work at their local corner shop. The bell tinkles as familiar feet tread into the aisles, the sign swings gently from open to closed and they steal kisses beside tins of baked beans and instant noodles. For Katie, the little shop is a sanctuary. A place where she can hold onto Hope without anybody watching. But when new employee Michael arrives, everything unravels.

He’s lovely. He can juggle. He can name every bone in the human body. But as Michael is tugged into the tight knit universe of the corner shop, the sands start to shift and the air begins to thicken.

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  • Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Tabitha Mortiboy

Tabitha Mortiboy is a writer based in London. Her latest production The Amber Trap ran at London’s Theatre503, directed by Hannah Hauer-King and produced by Damsel. Her most recent theatre script Daffy Grod and The Shaking Lights was shortlisted for the Papatango Prize and lo ...

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