Now. Here. This. (Flexible Version)

Now. Here. This. (Flexible Version)

Now. Here. This. (Flexible Version)

Now. Here. This. (Flexible Version)

Now. Here. This. (Flexible Version)


The show follows the evolution and adventures of a group of friends as they journey through time--from the present to the past and back again. They share their stories about friendship, hoarding, hiding, laughing, living, dying and middle school in an attempt to step directly into that elusive "present moment": the Now. Here. This.

Choose. Your. Adventure.

This version of Now. Here. This. has been created to provide maximum flexibility. It has been designed for theaters, schools, institutions and programs that wish to increase cast size and/or use an ensemble. In addition, there is an ability to customize the show’s length, and accommodate cast members’ strengths.

When possible, the authors have sought to make the text gender-neutral. When gender is specified, you may cast that role with a performer of any or no gender identification. We encourage inclusive casting. Please work with your Music Director to adjust keys as necessary to accommodate your cast. Additionally, Concord Theatricals' music department can provide transposition services to adjust keys. Please contact your Concord Theatricals representative for more information.

The script is divided into several ‘modules’. The beginning of each module is indicated by a gray box. The gray box includes instructions regarding which modules are mandatory, which modules are optional, and other critical information. Please read the contents of the gray boxes carefully when assembling your production of Now. Here. This. Each production may choose which optional modules will be performed. All mandatory modules (and the optional modules you select) must be performed in the order dictated in the script. Under no circumstances should the order be rearranged, nor should any additional writing be included in the show.

Now. Here. This. was originally performed by four actors. Throughout the script, we have notated the original division of lines as indicated by ‘PERSON 1’, ‘PERSON 2’, ‘PERSON 3’, and ‘PERSON 4’. If you are working with a larger cast, you may divide the material as you see fit and cast each module with various leads, featured performers, and an ensemble. For example, throughout the show, the ‘PERSON 1’ track can be played by a single individual, or the various ‘PERSON 1’ songs and lines can be assigned to multiple performers in order to accommodate larger casts.

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  • Time Period: Contemporary, Present Day
  • Cast Attributes: Ensemble cast, Expandable casting, Flexible cast size, Multicultural casting
  • Target Audience: Adult, Teen (Age 14 - 18)


Hunter Bell

Hunter Bell earned an Obie Award, a Drama League nomination, and a Tony nomination for Best Book of a Musical for the Broadway musical [title of show]. Other credits include books for Now. Here. This., Found (Drama Desk Nomination, Outstanding Book of a Musical), Silence! The ...
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Susan Blackwell

Susan Blackwell is on a mission to free people’s creative self-expression. As a creativity coach, performer, writer, speaker and podcaster, she champions this cause around the world—on Broadway, off-Broadway, in classrooms and writing, and on TV, film, sound recordings and th ...

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Jeff Bowen

Jeff Bowen wrote the music and lyrics for and starred in the Broadway musical [title of show] (Obie Award). Additionally, he has written music and lyrics for Now. Here. This. (Vineyard Theatre), Villains Tonight! (Walt Disney Company), and the theme songs for the web series t ...
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