Now. Here. This. (Flexible Version)

Full-Length Musical, Dramatic Comedy  /  4any gender (adult)

Book by Hunter Bell and Susan Blackwell / Music and Lyrics by Jeff Bowen / Based on a collaboration by Hunter Bell, Michael Berresse, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Jeff Bowen and Larry Pressgrove

This version of Now. Here. This. has been created to provide maximum flexibility. Designed for theaters, schools, institutions and programs that wish to increase cast size and/or use an ensemble , Now. Here. This. (Flexible Version) is a contemporary musical tackling life's big questions with inimitable humor and humanity.

Now. Here. This. (Flexible Version)

  • Cast Size
    Cast Size
    4any gender (adult)
  • Duration
    90 minutes
  • Audience
    Target Audience
    Adult, Teen (Age 14 - 18)
Now. Here. This. (Flexible Version)



The show follows the evolution and adventures of a group of friends as they journey through time--from the present to the past and back again. They share their stories about friendship, hoarding, hiding, laughing, living, dying and middle school in an attempt to step directly into that elusive "present moment": the Now. Here. This.

Choose. Your. Adventure.

This version of Now. Here. This. has been created to provide maximum flexibility. It has been designed for theaters, schools, institutions and programs that wish to increase cast size and/or use an ensemble. In addition, there is an ability to customize the show’s length, and accommodate cast members’ strengths.

When possible, the authors have sought to make the text gender-neutral. When gender is specified, you may cast that role with a performer of any or no gender identification. We encourage inclusive casting. Please work with your Music Director to adjust keys as necessary to accommodate your cast. Additionally, Concord Theatricals' music department can provide transposition services to adjust keys. Please contact your Concord Theatricals representative for more information.

The script is divided into several ‘modules’. The beginning of each module is indicated by a gray box. The gray box includes instructions regarding which modules are mandatory, which modules are optional, and other critical information. Please read the contents of the gray boxes carefully when assembling your production of Now. Here. This. Each production may choose which optional modules will be performed. All mandatory modules (and the optional modules you select) must be performed in the order dictated in the script. Under no circumstances should the order be rearranged, nor should any additional writing be included in the show.

Now. Here. This. was originally performed by four actors. Throughout the script, we have notated the original division of lines as indicated by ‘PERSON 1’, ‘PERSON 2’, ‘PERSON 3’, and ‘PERSON 4’. If you are working with a larger cast, you may divide the material as you see fit and cast each module with various leads, featured performers, and an ensemble. For example, throughout the show, the ‘PERSON 1’ track can be played by a single individual, or the various ‘PERSON 1’ songs and lines can be assigned to multiple performers in order to accommodate larger casts.

History of Now. Here. This.
Written By: Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell & Jeff Bowen
History. Of. Show.

Many of you interested in performing this show came to it by way of a Broadway musical called [title of show]. That piece was originally created and performed by the same collective of artists responsible for Now. Here. This. While NHT is neither a prequel nor sequel to [tos], it did come about from a desire the original [tos] team had to continue a very productive and powerful collaboration. Around the time [tos] was on Broadway, we were often asked to appear in benefits for some great causes in and around New York City. Because we had the ability and desire to create our own work for those benefits, we did. What came about in many of these pieces was this hybrid of original song and story telling. After several of these pieces were created, an opportunity to workshop a full length show of these pieces came to us in the summer of 2009 at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, and we were fortunate to begin to build the foundation of what would eventually become Now. Here. This. The project continued to take shape with residencies at The MacDowell Colony and Weston Playhouse. Then, our collective returned to the Vineyard Theatre where we had performed [title of show]. In the summer of 2011, a staged lab workshop of NHT was presented which led to a full off Broadway production in the Vineyard’s season in the spring of 2012. That production starred Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff and was directed and choreographed by Michael Berresse with musical direction by Larry Pressgrove.

We are so grateful to the artistic institutions that helped shape NHT and incredibly proud of the show you hold in your hands.

We also hope your artistic journey and production brings you joy, growth, reflection and an appreciation for the present moment. That’s just what it did for all of us.

(Mandatory Modules are Bolded)

The action begins with the opening number (“What Are the Odds?”), which reflects on our natural history (both prehistoric and recent) and explores the evolution of the human race that has permitted the performers and audience to arrive at the starting point of the show.

Then the performers ponder what they could acquire to make them happy, each expressing their desire for “More Life.” Memories begin flooding back. One performer shares their experience competing in a middle school talent show, where they discover their intuitive need to cloak their true self from unwanted scrutiny (“Dazzle Camouflage”). Another performer explores all the creative ways they sought attention as a kid (“Give Me Your Attention”).

The performers then reflect on how “survival of the fittest” applied to their own middle school experiences (“Members Only”). Another performer shares how they fill their day with busy-ness, in order to avoid the pain of growing up in a hoarding house (“I Rarely Schedule Nothing”). As memories and stories grow into a chaotic cacophony, the cast begins to understand the obstacles that stand between them and their enjoyment of life in the present moment, also known as the Now. Here. This.

The journey continues… One easily-distracted castmate fantasizes about what would make their life more interesting and fabulous (“Archer”), while others debate whether money and privilege can buy happiness (“That’ll Never Be Me”). Yet another performer recalls the regret of masking their true self and passions in college (“Kick Me”).

The cast continues to evolve and share “a-ha” moments that they’ve experienced, including the advice to keep in mind three words: Now, Here and This. It is believed that if you can get to the intersection of Now, Here and This, then you will be present to truly appreciate your life.

Then, the group exchanges stories about moments when they found themselves directly in the moment, but not necessarily moments they enjoyed (“That Makes Me Hot”).

As their exploration continues, the group celebrates having found each other, out of all the people in the world (“Then Comes You”).

In “Golden Palace,” one performer shares the false myth of a place where only highly educated, deeply intelligent, privileged people are granted the opportunity to create works of greatness. In “Get Into It,” another person shares their history of living in a fantasy world. And in “This Time,” a cast member struggles with their father’s expectations, but eventually celebrates in accepting him exactly as he is.

After all of this, the cast invites the audience to step directly into the present moment, to experience the adventure of their own lives (“Museum/Finale”).

Person 1 (Mezzo Soprano, E to D)
Person 2 (Alto, E to C)
Person 3 (Tenor, C to A)
Person 4 (Bari-tenor, B to G#)

NOTE: Roles can be played by performers of any (or no) gender, race, sexuality, disability, etc.

Cast can be expanded to any size, with multiple performers sharing the role of each Person. 

  • Time Period Contemporary, Present Day
  • Features Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes
  • Duration 90 minutes


“A blend of good humor and good feeling with an audience-embracing brio that never flags." — Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

“A touching, plucky and heartwarming ode to art and friends. Now. Here. This. is bubbly, larky and sweetly cosmic!” — David Cote, Time Out New York

“A funny, empathetic, entertaining show. Sweet, peppy and tuneful! If it takes a tuneful musical to remind people to seize the moment and enjoy life more, Now. Here. This. is perfect for the job.” — Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press

“Cheers for Now. Here. This.! A distinctively original and delightfully quirky musical.” — Michael Sommers, New Jersey Newsroom

“A delightful combination of childlike giddiness and adult self-deprecation!” — David Sheward, Backstage

“Another gem! Thoughtful entertainment that doles out equal doses heartfelt humor, humanity, and hindsight.” — David Nounou, Stagezine


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    Now. Here. This. Flexible Version


NOTE: The script to Now. Here. This. (Flexible Version) is divided into several “modules.” Some modules are mandatory and some are optional. Each production may choose which optional modules will be performed. All mandatory modules (and the optional modules you select) must be performed in the order dictated in the script. Under no circumstances should the order be rearranged, nor should any additional writing be included in the show.

Mandatory modules are in bold. All other modules are optional.

All modules can be presented by an unlimited number of performers; the minimum number of performers is indicated beside each title.

“What Are The Odds?” – 4 or more performers
“More Life” – 4 or more performers
“Dazzle Camouflage” – 4 or more performers
“Give Me Your Attention” – 3 or more performers
“Members Only” – 4 or more performers
“I Rarely Schedule Nothing” – 2 or more performers
“Archer” – 1 or more performers
“That’ll Never Be Me” – 2 or more performers
“Kick Me” – 2 or more performers
“That Makes Me Hot” – 4 or more performers
“Then Comes You” – 4 or more performers
“Golden Palace” – 4 or more performers
“Get Into It” – 4 or more performers
“This Time” – 1 or more performers
“Museum/Finale” – 4 or more performers
“Bows” – Company

Full Orchestration

Bass (Electric, Upright)
Guitar (Electric, Acoustic, Mandolin)
  • Musical Style Contemporary Broadway
  • Dance Requirements Minimal

Licensing & Materials

  • Licensing fees and rental materials quoted upon application.

    PLEASE BE ADVISED: There are multiple versions of this title. Before you proceed, please double-check to ensure that you are applying for the version you want. We will not be able to refund rental or shipping fees if you pay for the wrong version. If you’re not sure which version best suits your needs, you may purchase a perusal for each available version.

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Hunter Bell

Hunter Bell earned an Obie Award, a Drama League nomination, and a Tony nomination for Best Book of a Musical for the Broadway musical [title of show]. Other credits include books for Now. Here. This., Found (Drama Desk Nomination, Outstanding Book of a Musical), Silence! The ...
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Susan Blackwell

Susan Blackwell is on a mission to free people’s creative self-expression. As a creativity coach, performer, writer, speaker and podcaster, she champions this cause around the world—on Broadway, off-Broadway, in classrooms and writing, and on TV, film, sound recordings and th ...

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Jeff Bowen

Jeff Bowen wrote the music and lyrics for and starred in the Broadway musical [title of show] (Obie Award). Additionally, he has written music and lyrics for Now. Here. This. (Vineyard Theatre), Villains Tonight! (Walt Disney Company), and the theme songs for the web series t ...
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