What's Lost

What's Lost

What's Lost

What's Lost


Debra wants a simple candlelit remembrance, Lenny is desperate to forget, and activist Alex thinks it’s everyone’s duty to provoke change. Having missed her mother’s funeral, Gina finally turns up a year late. Amid recurring memories, intensifying relations and mixed news reports on escalating knife crime, each walks in and out on each other, struggling to make sense of an increasingly troubled time. A story of two sisters, responsibility, loss and love.

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  • Caution Mild Adult Mild Adult Themes


  • Time Period: Contemporary
  • Cast Attributes: Role(s) for Black Actor(s)
  • Target Audience: Adult


Paula B Stanic

Paula B Stanic grew up in Manor Park, East London. She’s a winner of the Alfred Fagon Award and the Adrienne Benham Award. She’s been a writer in residence (Soho Theatre) & writer on attachment (NT Studio). She was part of the 2016/17 Drama Room (BBC Writersroom) ...
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