The Shakespeare Conspiracy

The Shakespeare Conspiracy

The Shakespeare Conspiracy

The Shakespeare Conspiracy


Shakespeare’s characters are real…

The RSC is a branch of the government (a bit like MI6 but with better costumes).

Iago is trying to destroy the world…

And mankind’s last hope is a travel agent called Martin.

Dive into a most lamentable, epic, comic, romantic tragic comedy in a world where Shakespeare’s heroes and villains have been waging a secret war, after being inexplicably being brought to life over 400 years ago. If the rules of theatre are broken, it will bring about the end of the world. It all hinges on a prophecy about The Last Descendant, who has no idea about any of this until the night he meets a girl at a party…

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  • Genre: Farce, Mystery/Thriller
  • Cast Attributes: Ensemble cast, Reduced casting (Doubling Possible), Expandable casting, Flexible casting
  • Target Audience: Appropriate for all audiences


Andrew Shepherd

Andrew Shepherd put his law degree to good use by training at LAMDA as an actor. His first full-length play, Therapy, was part of Newcastle University’s takeover of Northern Stage’s Guilbenkian Studio in 2000, and his Edinburgh Fringe debut, Whispers in the Wood, transferred ...

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