One Way Out

One Way Out

One Way Out

One Way Out


Can we determine our fate? Or do we only have one way out? When young men from London finally are open to the independent world, what challenges do they face and how do they overcome them? “I feel like we live in fear. Fear of being our true selves. It's generations of conditioning”. As they face physical and mental challenges, their bond – or lack of it – sets the course for how their individual lives will go on.

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  • Time Period: Contemporary, New Millennium/21st Century
  • Cast Attributes: Role(s) for Black Actor(s)
  • Target Audience: Appropriate for all audiences


Montel Douglas

Montel Douglas is a playwright & actor from London.

Douglas trained as an actor at Identity Drama School, Drama St Mary’s Twickenham & Theatre Peckham Rep 2019.

One Way Out is his debut play. One Way Out has been supported by Talawa Theatre’s introduction to playwriting ...

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