Jason and the Argonauts

Charles Miller, Tim Sanders, Paul Carpenter

Full Length Musical, Comedy

Music by Charles Miller / Book and Lyrics by Tim Sanders / Original Concept by Paul Carpenter

Jason seeks the Golden Fleece and Hera, the Queen of Heaven, needs a man... Here's one big fat Greek legend that’s guaranteed to explode a few myths.
Jason and the Argonauts
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  • SubGenre
    Adaptations (Literature), Period, Docudrama/Historic

Jason seeks the Golden Fleece and Hera, the Queen of Heaven, needs a man.

Standing in their way is a trio of bickering New York goddesses, the bong-toting King of Colchis and Medea, a teenage sorceress who never asked for the gig. But when Aphrodite decides to cast a spell of her own, love is in serious danger of conquering all!

Sail with the Argonauts, dance on the beach and dive into a pool party on Paradise Heights - there’s even a Greek Chorus to sing off the chandeliers! Here's one big fat Greek legend that’s guaranteed to explode a few myths... 

"You can dress it up all ya like honey, but at the end o' the day, it's a yellow sweater!"


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Jason & The Argonauts is set in Ancient Greece in a variety of locations including a mountainside, the Paradise Hotel, Heaven, The Argo ship, a beach, a fortress and a temple.
Cast Attributes
  • Roles for Children
  • Strong Role for Leading Man (Star Vehicle)
  • Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle)

JASON - Young and geeky hero who seeks the Golden Fleece.

GREEK CHORUS - Six savvy and sexy young women - ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, KAPPA and PI - who tell the story.

In Thessaly:

CHIRON - (keer-ron) A kind and loyal centaur. Jason’s guardian.

AESON - (ee-son) Jason’s father and King of Thessaly (minor non-singing).

POLYMELE - (polly-mee-lee) Jason’s mother and Queen of Thessaly.

LEON / JOHNNY / ZENA - Hotel Manager / Comedian / Ventriloquist; all at Paradise Heights

KING PELIAS - (pay-lee-ass) Jason’s villainous uncle - usurper King of Thessaly.


In Heaven:

HERA - (heer-a) haughty Goddess Queen of Heaven - creates and loves Jason.

ARTEMIS - (ar-ter-miss) Goddess of wisdom and war. Smart. Hera’s upstart rival.

APHRODITE - (aff-ro-die-tee) Goddess of beauty and love; a romantic, and sincere.

ATHENE -(a-thee-nee) Virgin Goddess of the hunt; fun loving, a bit goofy.

ZEUS - (zoose) King of the Gods; wimp with a booming voice - a gangster.


On The Argo:

ARGO - (ar-go) Argonaut. Avuncular old shipwright who builds The Argo.

HERCULES - (her-cu-leez) Argonaut. Strongest (and most tactless) man in the world.

ORPHEUS - (or-fee-us) Argonaut. Gorgeous street soul musician and poet. A dude.

ATALANTA - (at-a-lan-ta) female Argonaut; ‘bombshell’ and renowned archer.

LYNCEUS - (lyn-key-us) Argonaut. Eager young lad with x-ray eyes. The lookout.

CASTOR & POLLUX - (cas-ter & poll-ucks) Argonauts. Posh and proper identical twins. Olympic athletes straight out of Chariots of Fire.


On Colchis:

PAPA AETES - (ay-teez) Svengali King of Colchis. Keeper of the Golden Fleece.

MEDEA - (med-day-a) New age Daughter of Papa Aetes. A feisty teen sorceress.

APSYRTUS - (ap-su-tuss) Malevolent eldest son of Papa Aetes. The Crown Prince.

HIGH PRIESTESS - Guardian of the Fleece. A loud and theatrical charlatan.

PASTOR - A wild and outlandish ‘man of the cloth’ with long hair and beard.

Also: Boys, Girls, Servants, Thugs, Guards, Citizens, Maids, Priests and Priestesses.


  • Musical Style: Jazz, Contemporary Broadway
  • Dance Requirements: Moderate
  • Vocal Demands: Moderate
  • Orchestra Size: Piano Only
  • Chorus Size: Small
1. ''Golden Boy From Greece'' - Hera, Jason, Greek Chorus, Goddesses and Heavenly Boys
2. ''Oedipus Thing'' - Greek Chorus
3. ''Seize The Day'' - Chiron, Jason and Hera
4. ''The Night That You Were Born'' - Jason, Chiron, Greek Chorus, Aeson, Polymele, Thugs/Servants and Goddesses
5. ''Stranger That I Love'' - Jason, Polymele and Greek Chorus
6. ''Hope On The Horizon'' - Hera, Jason, Greek Chorus, Goddesses and Chiron
7. ''Meanwhile (Part 1)'' - Hera, Goddesses and Greek Chorus
8. ''The World Is My Oyster'' - Hera and Greek Chorus
9. ''Paradise Heights'' - Goddesses, Leon, Jason, Polymele, Servants, Guests, Zena and Johnny
10. ''You Filled My Heart'' - Polymele and Jason
11. ''Meanwhile (Part 2) '' - Hera, Jason, Argo, Goddesses and Greek Chorus
12. ''Jason And The Argonauts'' - Jason, Argonauts, Greek Chorus, Goddesses, Citizens, Medea and Apsyrtus
13. ''No One Can Stop Me Now'' - Jason, Hera, Zeus, Argonauts, Polymele and Pelias
14. ''The Storm'' - Jason, Argonauts, Greek Chorus, Zeus, Hera and Goddesses
15. ''Here And Now'' - Medea and Apsyrtus
16. ''Colchis'' - Jason, Argonauts, Apsyrtus, Papa Aetes, Medea, Greek Chorus, Goddesses and Guards
17. ''Now I Know What Love Is'' - Jason, Medea and Argonauts
18. ''The Winning Of The Fleece'' - High Priestess, Priestesses, Jason, Medea, Argonauts, Papa Aetes, Apsyrtus, Greek Chorus, Goddesses and Guards
19. ''Unbreakable Hearts'' - Argonauts and Hera
20. ''Get Ya Hands Off O' Him!'' - Hera, Goddesses and Greek Chorus
21. ''My Special Day'' - Medea, Maids, Hera, Apsyrtus, Jason, Goddesses, Papa Aetes, Guests and Argonauts
22. ''Champion Of The Fleece'' - Argonauts and Greek Chorus
23. ''Now I Know What Love Is Reprise'' - Jason, Medea, Zeus and Hera
24. ''Polymele's Dream'' - Polymele, Hera, Goddesses and Greek Chorus
25. ''Hope On The Horizon Reprise'' - Jason, Medea, Argonauts, Pelias, Greek Chorus, Goddesses and Chiron
26. ''The Temple'' - Priests/Priestesses, Jason, Chiron, Hera, Goddesses, Pelias, Medea, Polymele, Greek Chorus, Argonauts and Citizens
27. ''Curtain Call'' - Full Company
28. ''Oedipus Thing'' - Greek Chorus

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No One Can Stop Me Now
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Now I Know What Love Is
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