Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully Series 2

Radio Play, Comedy

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The complete second series of the BBC Radio 4 sitcom about an alien invasion of a small village, starring Hattie Morahan and Charles Edwards with Peter Davison and Jan Francis. When the small Buckinghamshire village of Cresdon Green is invaded by an alien race called the Geonin, the local residents come up against Uljabaan, the smooth-talking leader of the aliens.

Series 2
2.1 Counter Plot
2.2 Tempting Fete
2.3 Questioning Loyalties
2.5 Testing Times
2.6 Exit Strategy

Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully Series 2


The small Buckinghamshire village of Cresdon Green is still suffering under the yoke of alien invasion. Well, we say ‘suffering’, quite a lot of the villagers don’t seem bothered. But with this being a pilot scheme for a full-scale invasion of Earth, Katrina Lyons feels they ought to knock it on the head while they’ve got the chance, and then she can finally move out of her Mum and Dad’s house and go back to her old life in London. But her entire resistance movement still consists of herself and local teenage stoner Lucy Alexander.

In the process of trying to outwit the alien commander Uljabaan, Katrina and Lucy are drawn into a sinister gardening project, must face a fate worse than death and prevent the invasion force’s Computer falling in love with a virus. Can they get this minor part of the Genon military strategy cancelled? Is the Earth doomed if they can’t? Or will the whole situation just sort of drag on and on?

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