Jack and the Giant

Jack and the Giant

Jack and the Giant

Jack and the Giant

Jack and the Giant


The traditional tale has been adapted into a family musical, with pantomime elements. The action starts in Mrs. Macdonald’s farmyard. Jack, her son, is preoccupied with his dream of building a rocket.

At first this leads him astray, but eventually proves he’s really a winner. His sister is the only practical member of the family, a hard-working tomboy.

The family is threatened with eviction by Mr. Meany, an unfair landlord. Jack is sent to sell Marigold, the cow. Meanwhile, the arrival of a spaceship containing Buzz and Beep, two spacemen on a mission to find a cow, leads to unusual complications.

Their master, the Silver Giant, is looking after his Baby Giant, and needs milk to stop the baby crying. Jack eventually climbs the beanstalk, in this version made of baked bean tin cans, and saves the day. Many animals take part in the play, many of which can be played by children.

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  • Genre: Fantasy


David Wood

David Wood has been called “the national children’s dramatist” (London Times). His plays are performed worldwide, and include The Gingerbread Man, The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner, Save the Human, Aladdin, Hijack Over Hygenia, Jack the Lad, Larry the Lamb in Toytown, Old ...

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