You Bury Me

You Bury Me

You Bury Me

You Bury Me


This story is about a city. A city of exhaust fumes, drunken phone calls, first kisses, hysteria, sweat and laughter. Cairo.

Coming of age in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, six young Egyptians navigate friendship, loss and secret Grindr dates in the city that made them.

Winner of The Women’s Prize for Playwriting 2020, You Bury Me is an explosive political debut from Ahlam about a generation emerging from a national trauma, determined to live and love freely.

Programme text in conjunction with production at Bristol Old Vic on 24th February.

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Ahlam moved around a lot as a child. She has lived in Germany, Singapore, Kenya, Venezuela, Turkey and the UK. She initially studied theatre in Egypt, where she created work combining elements of classical Greek Theatre and surrealism with contemporary dance, based on her ...
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