At Liberty

At Liberty

At Liberty

At Liberty

At Liberty


It's 2:30 AM in the Blue Mountain, Miss., living room of struggling actress Gloria La Greene. Gloria returns from a wild evening and finds her mother waiting up her as she does every night. Trying hard to stay elated by her recent Billboard magazine spot, in which she has advertised herself as a vivacious actress "At Liberty," Gloria finds opposition in her mother's repeated reminders of Gloria's diminishing health, the gossip surrounding her recently dubitable night life, and the realities of an unsuccessful career. As "the past keeps getting bigger at the future's expense," Gloria and her tortured passion for life begin to crumble under its weight.

A part of the collection The Magic Tower and Other One-Act Plays.

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  • Caution Alcohol Alcohol
  • Caution Mild Adult Mild Adult Themes


  • Time Period: Contemporary
  • Cast Attributes: All Female
  • Target Audience: Adult


Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams (1911-1983) explored passion with daring honesty and forged a poetic theatre of raw psychological insight that shattered conventional proprieties and transformed the American stage. The autobiographical The Glass Menagerie brought what Mr. Williams called “ ...
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