Ordering Additional Rental Materials

Additional copies of musical rental materials are available for hire, you may only add items that were in your originally selected Rental Package. We do not provide custom packages. If you would like to order additional published scripts (i.e. Acting Edition/Paperback, Large Print, Spiralbound), you may do so through our main retail shopping cart here on our website. Note: Not all rental materials, in the list below, are available for every title. Please consult your license agreement or the title’s perform page on the Concord Theatricals website to see what is available as an additional rental martial item. Some titles and products may differ on pricing; final pricing will be given to you by your licensing agent. Standard pricing below:
Piano-Conductor or Piano-Vocal £35
Orchestral part £25
Vocal Book £15
Rented Libretto or Libretto-Vocal Book £15
Full Score or over-sized Piano-Conductor £75-£125
  If you would like to order additional materials, email your Licensing Representative: Professional Licensing: [email protected]
Amateur Licensing: [email protected]
Schools Licensing: [email protected]
Universities and Drama Schools: [email protected] International Licensing: [email protected]