Transposition Services

We can change the keys for songs that are out of range for your cast.

Concord Theatricals offers transposition services for many musicals in our catalogue. If a song is out of range for your actor or cast, our music team can transpose the piece in full in order to accommodate a performer's vocal ability.

Once you've established the new key for the song(s), fill out and submit the Concord Theatricals Transposition Form to begin the process. A representative from the music team will contact you regarding any additional information and fees associated with the services. After payment has been received, your transpositions will arrive within fifteen business days. If you need your transposition faster than fifteen business days a £50 rush fee will be applied.

Questions? Contact our Music Department.


The rates for transposition services reflect the price per song. Additional shipping fees apply.

Piano / Conductor Only: £50

Orchestra Parts Only: £125

Both Piano / Conductor and Orchestra Parts: £150