Virtual Performances and Digital Rights Requests

Many producing organisations have enquired about virtual/online performances and livestreaming/ broadcasting filmed in-theatre productions to their audiences. Our licence application process has been updated to intake these requests for virtual performances and additional digital rights.

Are virtual performances and/or digital rights available for all titles?

Unfortunately, virtual/online, streaming and video rights aren’t available from Concord Theatricals for most shows. These rights are not held or controlled by Concord Theatricals, and we will have to send your proposal to the author’s representatives for approval on a case-by-case basis. We understand that many of these requests will be time-sensitive, and we will do our best to assist. There is no guarantee of this permission being granted.

What’s the difference between virtual performances and digital rights?

Virtual performances: These performances are online only, with no performances in a theatre for a live audience. Virtual performances may be readings or off-book performances, and may be audio-visual or audio only.

Digital rights: These are additional permissions in conjunction with traditional in-theatre performances, including the livestreaming of performances and/or the recording of performances for digital distribution to audiences.

How does pricing work for virtual performances or digital rights?

Amateur virtual performance licenses and additional digital rights for amateur productions will be charged a flat performance fee per online performance and/or livestream/viewing of recorded performances. Professional producers should enquire directly with their professional licensing representative.