Please note that you must obtain a show licence and streaming licence from Concord Theatricals prior to contracting with a provider.

Our Recommended Streaming Providers offer services that meet the requirements included in Concord Theatricals licence agreements. Please note that some of the Recommended Streaming Providers also offer additional services (such as subscription video-on-demand and publicly available streams) which are not permitted under Concord Theatricals licence agreements. Carefully review your Concord Theatricals licence to ensure that the service you use for your stream is in compliance. (Please note that you are not required to use a Recommended Streaming Provider, but the service you use must meet the requirements in your licence agreement.)


ShowShareTM is the official software of Broadway On Demand, providing approved middle school, high school, college, community and professional theatre productions the opportunity to stream to their audiences via a global platform. Streamed productions are viewed on Broadway On Demand, the premiere streaming platform offering exclusive livestream events, interactive engagements, and educational resources.