Please note that you must obtain a show licence and streaming licence from Concord Theatricals prior to contracting with a provider.

Our Recommended Streaming Providers offer services that meet the requirements included in Concord Theatricals licence agreements. Please note that some of the Recommended Streaming Providers also offer additional services (such as subscription video-on-demand and publicly available streams) which are not permitted under Concord Theatricals licence agreements. Carefully review your Concord Theatricals licence to ensure that the service you use for your stream is in compliance. (Please note that you are not required to use a Recommended Streaming Provider, but the service you use must meet the requirements in your licence agreement.)

BookTix Live

BookTix Live is the ultimate choice to livestream your Concord Theatricals productions. The BookTix Team is here to help you navigate streaming your live or prerecorded shows with the same innovation and outstanding customer service that has made BookTix the most trusted and endorsed ticketing platform available.  Our streaming system was specifically built with live theater in mind. It is safe, budget-friendly, and easy-to-use.  Whether you are new to streaming or a seasoned pro, our team will help you get the right equipment and provide all of the training and support to make your show a success.  Ticket holders receive a one-time-use link that can only be accessed on a single device. Our unparalleled BookTix Live system is fully integrated with our BookTix ticket platform, but can easily be used with your existing ticketing software when you don't want to disrupt your patron experience. Discover the BookTix difference today!

stream.theatreTM is a digital venue that provides you with everything you need to stream your production in a secure and professional environment. Whether your show is live or pre-recorded, provides you with the stage of an HD integrated video player, specifically conditioned for streaming arts programming, the box office with a secure payment system, the customer service with a live chat facility to an experienced team and integrated captioning – so that every performance can be more accessible. It also protects your content with GEO-FENCING, TICKET CAPACITY LIMITS and PROTECTED STREAMS to give comfort to produce digital work securely. manages the customers and the content, to leave you free to concentrate on putting on your production. In the past year, streamed over 1500 events and partnered with organisations including Sky Arts, ENO and The London Evening Standard. can also provide 4k video capture and editing with its in house capture studio to make filming affordable for every level of production.

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